Practicing Harmlessness

“Reincarnation and Ceremony of Transmission”

Beginingless Ancient OM Meditation

Jesus’ Sacred Geomancy Healing Tools

Lineage Soul Therapy Music Pujas

Monad - Mind of God - Monastic - Monastery

Invocation / Evocation - Cause & Effect

Discernment-Discrimination - Virtues/Non Virtues

The Lord of the 7 Rays 7 Chakras
- God’s Loving Light of the Soul

- The Christ

The Lord of Love’s Ceremonial Order
- Ceremonial Magic of the Magi

- Karma Yoga (OM) - purify body, speech, & mind

- Kriya Yoga (OM) - purify body, speech, & mind

- Bakti Yoga (OM) - purify body, speech, & mind

Love Divine / Goodwill / Right Action

Our Cosmic, Solar, and Planetary Logos
- The Law of Love, Peace, & Tranquility / Grace


All images (with the exception of the 5 poisons text) originally from
Buddha Maitreya Reincarnation of Jesus Christ
here is a link to order a Picture Puja Prayer Book that Jesus recently made available for anyone! it has all His puja lyrics and more!