Oregon Sri Yantra - NBC News Story

“Published on Oct 14, 2015. Initial news report on the Oregon Sri Yantra desert design. Televised report from NBC news affiliate KGW-TV, Portland, OR. Circa Fall of 1990. ​Walden Kirsch reporting. Oregon Sri Yantra design. Mickey Basin, Oregon.”

(H.H. Jesus was born in Tillamook, Oregon, 1951) Circa Fall of 1990, this appeared overnight, Portland, OR. & was reported by the United States Airforce.

A geometrically perfect design. Over ¼ of a mile in diameter. 13 miles of carved lines inside it’s perimeter that make up all the lines including the triangles and flower pedals. Its symmetry was perfect.”

Oregon Sri Yantra - NBC News Story - 1990


‘This appeared the day I got back to the United States after ~ 8 years’

- Reincarnation of Jesus 2021 Livestream