Buddha Maitreya the Christ Solar Cross

Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Solar Cross is a physical expression of transformation that transmits the healing energy and blessings of the American born incarnation of Jesus the Christ.


"The Solar Cross amplifies the energy found in sacred influences throughout the planet, for example right now there is a lot of healing in the area of Tibetan Buddhism and other spiritual levels awakening on a planetary level. So whatever the planetary stage, the solar cross is able to bring out more of that energy and it becomes more an emanation of that. The person who uses it, if they are a healer and not expressing lower qualities of lower psychicism, will find it to be amplified tremendously. It is hundreds of times more powerful but it is experienced according to an individual's receptivity, if they are to be affected by that level. If a person is not receptive on that level it will push them towards more receptivity by changing lower psychicism to higher levels of telepathy, on a planetary level, not on the levels of New Age channelling or lower psychicism." Buddha Maitreya the Christ

Brings forth a consistent spiral of Harmony 

Buddha Maitreya the Christ's design focuses the electromagnetic forces of North/South/East/West, the four directions of energy with four 7" Etheric Weavers that intersect at the midpoint, focusing in a cosmic mirror known as the Solar Cross. Each outer circle represents the energy of the Love-Wisdom, which is inclusiveness.

The 2 rings of circles within the 51 degree pyramid represent the oscillatory factor of a vortex - the energy of cycles and rhythms manifesting as an organism/organization.

The central crystal coil with Essence Plate on top, for use with any flower of other healing essences, resonates with the natural Earth pulse and aligns it to God, the Central Spiritual Sun - representing cosmic time and making a perfect reflection of Cosmic Order.

Blending all Kingdoms in Dharma 

Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Solar Cross amplifies the solar rays on a planetary level so that higher levels of psychic telepathy and higher levels of planetary healing of the nations becomes more a resonating factor of the solar cross. Negative energies, energies that are not in harmony with the geometry of the form, are collected and pulled into the central vortex of the form and through the full resonant energetic field of Beauty and Harmony, anything that is missing is returned to balance. Negativity and darkness appear because of a lack of fullness, and just as fear or hate are healed with love, these energies originate out of a lack of love. The pulsing pattern of wholeness and beauty heal anything that is not whole, full, and complete in all worlds and all dimensions including the astral and mental planes. The Solar Cross first transforms, then radiates the transformed energy back out.


Used for meditation, healing and often placed in the center of a room or on an altar and aligned due North, the Solar Cross blesses and transforms the energy of any space aligning to more harmony and right relationship in life. The Solar Cross helps create a more sacred, monastic space allowing one the ability to meditate deeply, self-heal and align more to higher telepathy and the Monad, the Mind of God.

The Solar Cross can be added to the top of the Solar Orb on one of Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Shambhala Ascension Meditation Pyramid System as an upgrade - as shown below on top of a double solar orb. This greatly increases the radiatory field of Buddha Maitreya the Christ's healing blessings.


Solar Crosses are customizable beyond the options shown. Upgrade the Buddha Maitreya the Christ Shambhala Solar Form to your choice of a Buddha Maitreya the Christ Solar Form Radiator (shown above), Shambhala Star or Star Radiator and add Etheric Weaver crystals to the apex poles. The Solar Cross comes with an essence plate in the middle which is removable and can be upgraded with a 3" Crystal Ball (shown below). Please contact us to learn more about custom options and pricing.