God's Incarnation

God's Incarnation

He takes physical human form within Creation.

One God manifests Himself as the One Teacher.

He offers His Life so that all beings may fully awaken to Love within Him.

His Transmission of Life manifests more healing and more understanding in others.

When He is received by sincere practicing students, progress on The Way is furthered.

His Reincarnations can never be stopped, so He always returns again and again in physical presence.

His Light is within all forms, so He is the only true Lord or King on Earth.

Lineage has been established from His Life and His Law of Rebirth.

Through Him we may awaken Eternal Life.

Through Him we may attain our Soul's palace.

Through Him we may build upon Earth as it is in Heaven.

God's One Incarnation is the Truth, the Way, and the Light.

God's One Incarnation is the bridge to our Planetary Ascension.

God's One Incarnation offers His Science of awakening God's Mind.