How do Energetic Essences effect me?

Vibrationally, each atom of your body has waves of energy which can be scientifically shifted by the influence of the right informational waves received.

My Energetic Essences and Distance Transmissions emit the correct informational waves for balancing areas of decoherence.

Below is an illustration of sound moving a ball. There are many levels to this type of phenomena.



Quantum Response Technology is used to create a static-electric field of entanglement with the subject's bio-field for non-local information relays. 

This connection is established through the photon pattern of a person's photograph and the subtle resonances of that person's baseline information.





Quantum Response Technology and software are used to precisely identify energetic imbalances by measuring transmission responses as they are tested against the subject's field.

The appropriate bio-resonance information is then electronically imprinted into Essences and/or scheduled for hourly Distance Transmissions.

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