How does my personal info effect the Energetic Essences?

Providing personal information such as a face photograph, name, and birthdate allows for the Quantum Response System to scan and input this data for assessing the right 'levels' (layers of Bio-field -10 through +10) and 'potencies' (strength of each energy) to be used when imprinting the Energetic Essences.

This is to produce an Energetic Essence more specific in relation to the client's actual bio-field needs, thereby providing a more powerful 'similar' of energy for a more profound balancing experience.

Not providing this personal info will still yield a very powerful Energetic Essence, but without the added benefits of an assessment.

e.g. Bach Flower Essences are not formulated with any one specific person's 'level' and 'potency' needs, but are still greatly effective for millions of people around the world.

Influencing the right levels of the bio-field with the right potency of energy, results in a difference of both quality and depth with any Energy Balancing session.

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