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Jesus Christ the Buddha Maitreya, Official Website.

Buddha Maitreya, Reincarnation of Jesus the Christ

For more on the Karmapa's work in Hawaii, and the ancient prophecy of Dharma coming to America, read this.

Circa Fall of 1990, this appeared overnight, Portland, OR

(H.H. was born in Tillamook, Oregon, 1951)

A geometrically perfect design. Over ¼ of a mile in diameter. 13 miles of carved lines inside it’s perimeter that make up all the lines including the triangles and flower pedals. Its symmetry was perfect.”

The World Teacher
Lord of Time
Kalachakra Enthronement
Vajradhara Himself

Dorje Chang
(Adi-Buddha, The Dharma King)





The Buddha Maitreya

Buddha Maitreya the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ saving Tibet & blessing/healing all of Buddhism.

Namgyal Medicine Buddha Stupa

Namgyal Stupa contains all the names of those harmed by the devastation in Tibet.

and at Srinigar

Buddha Maitreya reincarnation of Jesus Christ Official Website

Buddha Maitreya, reincarnation of Jesus Christ, Official Website.

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