OM Meditation

There exists a meditation method that is timeless in it's simplicity and universal in the ability for everyone to do. It is impersonal in that doing this meditation doesn't require any belief, philosophy, or intellectual process on the part of the individual, but is rather a sensitivity or sensory building exercise.


The origin of this meditation is God.

This Om connects us atomically with the source energy of life. As the vibration ripples out through all of your chakras, cells, tissues, organs, and bones, you are receiving a direct energetic similar for healing. 

This sensitivity building exercise should be considered a type of nourishment, like bathing, eating, stretching, or maintaining your teeth.  

Useful tips

- Using a timer can increase your meditation's depth and consistency.

- A healthy space with healthy sounds, or silence, can aid in supporting your practice. 

- 51º Pyramids and sacred objects radiate energy which can increase your connection.

- Using the breath, brow centre, and sound of your Om are excellent focal points. 

- As your mind wanders, forgive it by bringing it back to your focal point. 

- Inhale deeply below your abdomen, then filling upwards.

- Exhale Om deeply from below your abdomen, pushing out all remaining air.  

- Silently doing Om is also good.

- Meditating with a group greatly increases all the benefits of meditation.


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