Quickening Earth

 There exists 3 primary modes of strengthening Peace on Earth.

1. personal singular meditation practice

2. small groups of meditators practicing together

3. massive Planetary groups of meditators practicing together


Peace & Healing can be greatly quickened through facilitating the inner Connection, which naturally expresses the true Plan for Creation.

How one inwardly connects with this Plan is through simple meditation.

Maintaining and establishing this connection occurs by developing a momentum of meditation through consistent cyclic ceremonies of true harmlessness.

This current of harmlessness gradually spontaneously dissolves harmful activities by force of atrophy & the simultaneous cultivation of that inner fire, called Pure Awareness.

As one realizes the fruits of meditation, they do realize there is no lasting personal meditation without group Planetary meditation.

In growing the Planetary process of true meditation, we actualize a quickening in the manifestation of true Peace on Earth by scientifically harmonizing our inner connection to God's Mind, and therefore, naturally, the decentralization of voluntary harmless cooperation/coordination through the awakening manifestation of inner revelation, for each individual's part in The Plan.

Each time a true meditation process begins taking place, it lessens the energetic fields of stress on the collective Consciousness of the Earth - crime rates actually go down by proximity and the interdependence each individual possesses within the Unified Field.

The greater the number of beings in unison of meditation, the larger and more powerful the effect on the collective Consciousness of the Earth.

Seeing as meditation is easy to practice and universally accessible everywhere, there is no limit as to how many people of Earth can begin working together to heal the Plan and begin reaping the benefits of actual Peace on Earth.

When we do simple meditation together, We increase the Light of the collective Soul on Earth.