Buddha Maitreya the Christ Earth Etheric Weaver - 2ft

Availability: Made to Order

Blessed by the healing transmission of Monadic, Soul-filled light of Buddha Maitreya, the Christ.


  • Strong gold plated neodymium rare earth magnets placed in the center of the crystal.
  • Coated copper wire is wrapped around the crystal to radiate light like a radio transmitter.
  • Both ends of this crystal are 51º Pyramid terminated.
  • Upgrade to silver or gold wire for even greater transmission.
  • Weighs approx 12Ib.

This large Etheric Weaver measures 2" x 2" x 20". A powerful tool for Planetary Healing to awaken the Soul and heal the Etheric Field of the Planet. Helping to heal communities and the Nations.

Buddha Maitreya Earth Etheric Weavers can be hung from the ceiling in a room or from within a Meditation Pyramid.

The Etheric Weavers are made with pure quartz crystal with large neodymium rare earth magnets placed so that the north pole radiates downwards into the Earth.

The Etheric Weaver contains magnets and should not be used within 6 feet of a person fitted with a pacemaker or any other form of electrical implant or device for medical reason of any kind. Earth Weaver magnets are particularly strong and should be handled with caution, especially if more than one is used.

"Life Changing and Wonderful"

"The Earth Etheric Weaver is one the best things that has happened to me in this lifetime. I am feeling in my body, & the lower part of my body feels especially light & relaxed. There is improvement in my mobility. Some caution needed to bend & move is not necessary. I also experienced a radiant light in my head for the 1st time. I've spent most of my life recoiling from being in this body, & now I am beginning to happily be here. It feels like I am rejuvenating. I had some inertia about some tasks. I placed them under the form. By the next day I was in action. This form is bringing me in to my body with safety & joy in a new, deeper fashion. I am filled with wonder by the healing process & feeling His Holiness healing me, & knowing he is taking caring for the earth, the world & all beings. I am living in a palpable, on-going miracle of transformation for which I am grateful & in awe. Thank you for the earth weaver and all the good it is doing." - Shelagh, Omaha